Boudicca's Revenge 200km Permanent Event

This page is for downloading alternative versions of the GPS files for this, Tom Deakins' permanent event, starting from Great Dunmow or any control on the route.  If you want information about the ride itself, visit AUK or yacf.

You can browse the route on this RideWithGPS page.

The GPS Files

IMPORTANT — make sure you understand which version of the following GPS files are most suitable for your device.

  • Garmin Edge devices — new 500, new 700, 800/810/820, 1000, 1200 — use TCX; 10,000 points should be okay
  • Older Garmin Edge devices — you're in a murky area in that TCX should work, but you may get a more reliable result from GPX; 10,000 points should be okay
  • Wahoo devices — TCX 10k
  • Older Garmin devices — GPX and either 250-point or 500-point depending on which device.

Make sure you test these files out on your device before you start!

IMPORTANT — I am experiencing an issue with my Garmin Edge 1000 where occasionally one file out of 100 is not converted into a Course on the device.  This appears to be sporadic and may be a Mac issue rather than a Garmin issue, but just to be sure, please CHECK that all the Courses are available to you, after you have copied them over to your device.

The full-route files are provided as a single TCX or GPX each.  However, the rest of the GPS routes, where the route is split into multiple GPS files, are provided as a ZIP file for each format — you require all of the files in the ZIP file!

The routes are provided as follows:

  • a single route for the whole 217km — FULL;
  • a set of two — Great Dunmow to the turn at Chatteris, and the return after the turn from Chatteris to Great Dunmow — LEG.

Each part starts and ends at a control, although you can control as early as the BP garage in Chatteris, or as late as the Green Welly café, a further 2km up the road.

You must decide which you want — I have named them so that they should behave correctly if you decide to install all of them at the same time, that should be okay, too: FULL and LEG respectively, as indicated above.  All of the names start BOUD.  In addition the format (T for TCX and G for GPX) as well as the number of points (250, 500 and 10K) are included in the visible name, so you should be able to load multiple sized files at the same time, although please check carefully before you start!

There are additional notes in the organiser's notes and routesheet, including cautions and alternative routes. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the route and any reported hazards before you start, especially as none of this information is included in the GPS files!

This is now where it gets complicated — there are a LOT of options here, sorted by how split up the route is, how many points in each part, and whether it's TCX or GPX.

Updated 27 December 2018.

Full Boudicca's Revenge 200 Route in one part

  • 10k points — TCX or GPX  file
  • 500 points — TCX or GPX  file
  • 250 points — TCX or GPX  file

Boudicca's Revenge 200 in two legs — A and B

  • 10k points — TCX or GPX  ZIP
  • 500 points — TCX or GPX  ZIP
  • 250 points — TCX or GPX  ZIP

If you're still having GPS problems or have a question about GPS then email Nick.

If you have a question for the event organiser, then email Tom Deakins.