Fenland Friends 600 GPS Tracks 2022

This page is for downloading alternative versions of the GPS files for this, Tom Deakins' calendar event, starting from St Mary's Church, Churchend, Great Dunmow, CM6 2AE, on Saturday 25 June 2022 at 6am.  If you want information about the ride itself, visit Audax UK or yacf.  The GPS files are below the map.

IMPORTANT! There is no parking at St Mary's Church this year, due to a wedding taking place.  See Tom's ride notes for more information on alternative locations. 

The GPS files

IMPORTANT — make sure you understand which version of the following GPS files are most suitable for your device.

  • Garmin Edge devices — new 500, new 700, 800/810/820, 1000, 1030 — use TCX; 10,000 points should be okay
  • The RideWithGPS IQ App also allows direct download from the pinned track to the latest Garmin Edge units with mobile connection
  • Older Garmin Edge devices — you're in a murky area in that TCX should work, but you may get a more reliable result from GPX; 10,000 points should be okay
  • Wahoo devices — TCX 10k, or "pin" the RideWithGPS route
  • Older Garmin devices — GPX and either 250-point or 500-point depending on which device.

Make sure you test these files out on your device before you start!

The full-route files are provided as a single TCX or GPX each.  However, the rest of the GPS routes, where the route is split into multiple GPS files, are provided as a ZIP file for each format — you require all of the files in the ZIP file!

The routes are provided as follows:

  • a single route for the whole 321km — FULL;
  • two legs: one north to dinner, one south back home — NORTH and SOUTH;
  • four half-legs — SHT_A, SHT_B, etc.; 
  • six stages — STG1, STG2, etc.

The routes will appear as FF600_… on your device.

There are additional notes in the organiser's notes and routesheet, including cautions and alternative routes. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the route and any reported hazards before you start, especially as none of this information is included in the GPS files!  Not least of which, there's an info-control in Kirton-in-Lindsey at the end of stage 5 in Kirton-in-Lindsey — don't forget to take a pencil with you!

This is now where it gets complicated — there are a LOT of options here, sorted by how split up the route is, how many points in each part, and whether it's TCX or GPX.


If you're having problems or have a question, email Nick.