Hereward the Wake 300 Calendar Event 2019

This page is for downloading alternative versions of the GPS files for this, Tom Deakins' calendar event, starting from Churchend, Great Dunmow, on Friday 5 July 2019 at 9pm — in the evening!  If you want information about the ride itself, visit AUK or yacf.  The GPS files are below the map.

The GPS routes given on this page were ridden the last four years and have been updated for changes to the locations of info controls this year.  The routes were generated from this route on on RideWithGPS.

Both a single 300km route file is given as well as 3x100km route files — it's your choice which you use.  Some people don't trust their GPS beyond 200km and so should use the 3x shorter routes; others are happy with one single file.  They are named so you can load both onto the same unit and switch mid-ride.  There are also stage-by-stage filess, but I think you're better off using the 100km legs.

NOTE — There are seven information controls on this ride!  The GPX files contain points of interest (POIs) for all controls, including info controls, which appear on the map and can be used as waypoints.  The TCX files contain cuepoints of the same, which beep and show up on the screen as you approach and when you pass.

The GPS Files

IMPORTANT — make sure you understand which version of the following GPS files are most suitable for your device.

  • Garmin Edge devices — new 500, new 700, 800/810/820, 1000, 1030 — use TCX; 10,000 points should be okay
  • Older Garmin Edge devices — you're in a murky area in that TCX should work, but you may get a more reliable result from GPX; 10,000 points should be okay
  • Wahoo devices — TCX 10k
  • Older Garmin devices — GPX and either 250-point or 500-point depending on which device.

Make sure you test these files out on your device before you start!

The full-route files are provided as a single TCX or GPX each.  However, the rest of the GPS routes, where the route is split into multiple GPS files, are provided as a ZIP file for each format — you require all of the files from your selected ZIP file!

The routes are provided as follows:

  • a single route for the whole 300km — FULL;
  • a set of three, one per 100km leg or side of the triangle — LEG_A, LEG_B and LEG_C;
  • a set of six routes, one per stage — STG.

Each part starts and ends at a control.

All of the names start HTW.  In addition the format (T for TCX and G for GPX) as well as the number of points (250, 500 and 10K) are included in the visible name, so you should be able to load multiple sized files at the same time, although please check carefully before you start!  For example, the second 100km-leg TCX file with 500 points will appear on-screen as HTW_LEG_B_T500.

There are additional notes in the organiser's notes and routesheet, including cautions and alternative routes. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the route and any reported hazards before you start, especially as none of this information is included in the GPS files!  Not least of which, there are SEVEN information controls — if you're using the TCX then you should get a beep as you approach; with the GPX there should be waypoints shown on-screen.

Don't forget to take a pencil with you to write the info answers.  And the routesheet, just in case!

This is now where it gets complicated — there are a LOT of options here, sorted by how split up the route is, how many points in each part, and whether it's TCX or GPX.  You should only need to install one, but you can install multiple.

Updated 22 June 2019.

The Full 300km Route

  • 10k points — TCX or GPX  file
  • 500 points — TCX or GPX  file
  • Link for pinningRWGPS  link

It would be fairly foolish to try to navigate the whole 300km route using the 250-point file, but here you go for a larf:

  • 250 points — TCX or GPX  file

The route in three 100km legs

IMPORTANT — if you choose the 3×100km then you must copy all three routes from the ZIP file to your GPS!

  • 10k points — TCX or GPX  ZIP file
  • 500 points — TCX or GPX  ZIP file
  • 250 points — TCX or GPX  ZIP file

The route stage-by-stage

IMPORTANT — if you choose the stages then you must copy all six routes from the ZIP file to your GPS!

  • 10k points — TCX or GPX  ZIP file
  • 500 points — TCX or GPX  ZIP file
  • 250 points — TCX or GPX  ZIP file

If you're still having problems or have a question, email Nick.