Horsepower 100 & 200 Calendar Events 2019

This page is for downloading alternative versions of the GPS files for these, Tom Deakins' calendar events, starting from Churchend, Great Dunmow, on Saturday 9 March 2019 at 07.30 for the 200 and 09.00 for the 100.  There's a bit of chatter on yacf (and last year).

The GPS routes given on this page were successfully ridden last year.  This page updated 26 February 2019.

Horespower 200  Enter this event >

The 100km event is further DOWN this page

As is becoming the norm, I'm now providing routes in many different formats and point-counts.  I've provided the route, either as an entire route, or as two there + back routes — it's up to you which you use, but bear in mind that there is a 20km section at the far end that is there-and-back, so make sure you know which line to follow when you get there!

TCX files are suitable for almost all modern GPS devices.  Use GPX if you have an older, eTrex-era device, or something else that doesn't accept TCX.  Some even-older devices cannot handle all the points of the full-resolution files, so use the 500-point or 250-point files if you need to, otherwise use the full-fat ones.

The entire route in one file —

The route in two halves: there and back —

The routes should appear on your GPS screen as HP200_PART_1_.. and HP200_PART_2_...

IMPORTANT — The parts ZIP files above also include the alternate return legs that Tom describes on the routesheet:

  • Stage 4B returns via Great Bardfield from Great Sampford, and is my preferred route (GPX).
  • Stage 4C returns via Little Easton from Thaxted, but that lane is a bit grotty in places (GPX).

The Audax UK page is here.

Horsepower 100  Enter this event >

The 200km event is further UP this page

REALLY QUITE IMPORTANT — This is an out-and-back ride, so you MUST make sure you use the route sheet to confirm you are on the correct leg!

UPDATE FROM TOM JANUARY 2019 — Tom has provided one alternative, quiet-lanes route on the outward leg, and two alternative, quiet-lanes routes on the return leg.  Be aware that there are multiple options of GPS track to follow and don't be surprised on the road if your riding buddies turn unexpectedly!  The GPS files for these alternative 1B outbound, and 2B and 2C return routes are in the respective ZIP files, below.

This is the classic route, which uses the B184 to Saffron Walden at the start (personally I would recommend this), and uses the B184 from Thaxted on the return (the Great Bardfield alternative is nicer, in my opinion):

  • The first alternative route uses the Little Easton quiet lanes in both directions — on RideWithGPS here;
  • and the second alternative uses the B184 on the first leg, and then returns via Great Bardfield — on RideWithGPS here.

The GPS tracks are provided in two parts:

  • Leg 1 to the turn in Nemarket — two versions: classic (Leg 1) and Leg 1A (Little Easton alternative)
  • And Leg 2 back again — three versions: classic (Leg 2), Leg 2A (Little Easton alternative) and Leg 2B (Great Bardfield alternative), included in the ZIP files, below.

ALL of the versions of the legs are provided in the following ZIP files, and all should cohabit your GPS nicely, with clear names as given above — then you can choose on the day which alternative you and your groupetto wish to ride.

You need at least one GPX file for each leg of the 100km event — LEG_1* takes you to Newmarket and LEG_2* brings you back again.

The GPX files are provided as either 250-point GPX, or 250-point TCX, which is as much detail as you need for each 50km leg.  The TCX will beep (on most devices) near the information control in Linton on the first leg, and that's the only real difference between these two options.

The routes should appear on your GPS screen as HP100_LEG1*_G250_HORSE.. and HP100_LEG2*_G250_HORSE...

The Audax UK page is here.

If you're having problems or have a question, email Nick.