The Flatlands 600 Calendar Event 2019

This page is for downloading alternative versions of the GPS files for this, Tom Deakins' calendar event, starting from Churchend, Great Dunmow, on Saturday 18 May 2019 at 6am.  If you want information about the ride itself, visit AUK or yacf.

Note that this event is a PBP Qualifier and so expect it to be a well-attended event.

The GPS routes given on this page are new for 2019 — the roads have changed in various places, and these new routes reflect those changes.  These routes were tested on 11 May and just a minor tweak for a beep-location, nothing more.

The GPS files

These are THE FINAL GPS files — tested on 11/12 May 2019.  (updated 14 May 2019)

There are three versions of the GPS files:

  • The route in one, complete part
  • The route in two, 300km legs: to dinner at Goole, and back to supper in Churchend, Great Dunmow.
  • The route in one-part-per-stage, so nine parts.

And there are two formats:

  • TCX — good for all modern devices, which includes cuepoints for controls
  • GPX — for all devices, including legacy devices

And three different point-counts:

  • 10,000 (10k) points — all modern devices
  • 500 points — all modern and most legacy devices
  • 250 points — ancient, “time to get a new GPS”, devices

Therefore, choose the most appropriate for your device, the actual GPS files are further down the page:

  • 10k TCX — Modern Garmin Edges and Wahoo's
  • 10k/500 GPX — Older Garmin eTrex, Montana, et al
  • 250 GPX — Really old, simple Garmins

Make sure you test these files out on your device before you start, to make sure the ones you've chosen works on your device!

There are additional notes in the organiser's notes and routesheet, including cautions and alternative routes. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the route and any reported hazards before you start, especially as none of this information is included in the GPS files!

You can also browse the route and view the elevation profiles, or pin the route to your Wahoo, on RideWithGPS here

These routes were tested on 11 May 2019.

Full Flatlands 600 route in one part

  • Full course, 10k points — TCX or GPX  file
  • Full course on RideWithGPS — RWGPS link

It would be fairly foolish to try to navigate the whole 600km route using the 500- or 250-point files, but here you go for fun — these are possibly quite useful for WeatherBagel or WindSock:

  • Full course, 500 points — TCX or GPX  file
  • Full course, 250 points — TCX or GPX  file

The course will appear as FLAT6_FULL_… on your device.

The Flatlands 600 route in two legs, north and south

IMPORTANT — you will require both GPS files from the ZIP file!

  • To lunch and back, 10k-points legs — TCX or GPX  ZIP
  • To lunch and back, 500-points legs — TCX or GPX  ZIP

It would be a little silly to try to navigate each 300km leg using the 250-point files, but here you go for kicks:

  • To lunch and back, 250-points legs — TCX or GPX  ZIP

The routes will appear as FLAT6_NORTH_… and FLAT6_SOUTH_… on your device.

The Flatlands 600 route in nine stages

IMPORTANT — you will require all the GPS files from the ZIP file!

  • Stage-by-stage, 10k-points stages — TCX or GPX  ZIP
  • Stage-by-stage, 500-points stages — TCX or GPX  ZIP
  • Stage-by-stage, 250-points stages — TCX or GPX  ZIP

The routes will appear as FLAT6_STG_1_…, FLAT6_STG_2_…, etc., on your device.

Quiet route from Cambridge to Dunmow via Duxford, Newport

Tom mentions in the 2015 ride information, and I suspect he'll be saying something similar this year as well:

"Riders might want to consider an alternative, slightly flatter, but quieter and complicated route to avoid the busy A1301/B184 around Duxford. Following the Cam valley via Hinxton [at the end of the cyclepath from Sawston] through Ickleton, Gt Chesterford, Newport, Henham, Pledgedon Green, Brick End and Great Easton. Or up to Saffron Walden from Littlebury to rejoin B184 route." 

This route nicely avoids some busy roads and sharp climbs. It is 4km longer, but is quicker after 600km of riding, because of the significantly gentler climbs.  You also get closer to Duxford Airbase to see the WWII aircraft buzzing overhead (if you're not full-value).  I regularly use this route to get to the start of Tom's rides from my home in Girton, as I think it's more interesting than the B184 main-road bash through Saffron Walden and Thaxted.

I've created a GPX file (click here) for the route from Girton, Cambridge, to arrivée at Great Dunmow (or click here for the 500-point version). You pick up the route from the Co-op in Girton (on LHS immediately before bridge over A14 expressway) or switch to it while riding thru Cambridge.

I've also created a single-sided, folds-to-A6 route sheet, reasonably faithful to Tom's style.

If you're still having problems or have a question, email Nick.