The Woodman 100km Calendar Event 2020

This page is for downloading alternative versions of the GPS files for this, Tom Deakins' calendar event, starting from Churchend, Great Dunmow, on Saturday 18 April 2020 at 10.00.  There's a bit of chatter on yacf.

To enter this event, visit Audax UK's site here.

Note — if you're looking for The Woodman's Daughter 50km GPS files, click here.

The GPS Files

There are three formats of GPS file for each route — you need to select the appropriate format for your GPS device:

  • The GPX will work in most devices — the controls are shown as waypoints, and the pink line is accurate and can be followed precisely
  • The 500-point GPX will work in all devices — it is a reduced-point version of the GPX above, and so will work in ancient devices as well as new ones
  • The TCX will work in Garmin Edge and Wahoo devices — the controls are shown as cues and you should get a beep when you are near to each control

Ask me if you're not sure.

Updated 4 April 2019.

This route should appear on your GPS screen as WOODMAN_100_...

If you're having problems or have a question, email Nick.